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  Check our Monthly Sale

Predator shafts, up to 45% off*, Price from $165

All stock OB original shafts  
at least 30%
off* Retail Price
Price $164.50. Limited time only

Meucci Cues with points, price from $289

Production Cues 

J&J Cues, Panther Cues, Kaiser Cues, Rhino Cues, Joss Cues, Mezz Cues, Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Falcon Cues, OB Cues, Tiger Cues, McDermott Cues, Meucci Cues.

Custom Cues

Tad Cues, JC Cues, AC Cues, Nitti Cues, Gilbert Cues, Capone Cues, Schon Cues, Segen Cues, Sima Cues, Bender Cues,  Cognoscenti Cues, Espiritu Cues,   
Josey Cues, Ginacue, Josswest Cues, Southwest Cues, McWorter Cues, Tonkin Cues, RC3 Cues, Jacoby Cues,
Barnhart Cues, Tascarella Cues, Bill Schick Cues, DP Cues,  Michael Cues, Bill McDaniel cues, Black Cues, EP cues,  Collectable Cues

We buy Top cue maker's cues. If you 
have a nice cue to sell at discount price, please email us

Pro Cue Cases

Soft Cue Bags, Tube Cue Cases,           Traveler's Cue Cases, Display Cue Cases, Cases with rollers 

Leather Cue Cases

J&J Cue Cases, Vincitore Cue Cases, 
Tad Cue Cases,   Instroke Cue Cases, 
WIN Tooled Leather Cue Cases

Billiard Accessories

Cue Tips, Cue Cube, Tip Pik, Tip Repair Tool, Q-Smooth, Bridge Head, Billiard Glove, Billiard Towel, Billiard Clock, Key Chains,  Billiard Ball, Chalk Holder, Cue Wax, Qclaw, Joint Protectors,
Ultimate tip tool, Q-Wiz, 
3-Way Tip Tool II
         ***On Sales***

*Predator and Poison Cues:  
Closeout Sales: Many items up to 40% off retail price - Final Sale
save around 30% for Predator
SE16 cues
*Save up to *60% for
  Closeout items
*Save up to *50% for selected closeout Falcon Cues Models  Great Buy
*Save up to *30% for selected closeout Joss Cues Models
*Save up to *45% for selected closeout DP Cues  

  ***Stock Reduce Sales***

*20% off for selected models of Mezz cues
*up to *25% off for selected Espiritus Cues, sale price from $330 and up

*All sales for Limited time. 

Check out our Onsale page for many great deals

Coming Events

Come to see us at the Expo:

Super Billiards Expo, April 12-15, 2018. 
Booth # 161, close to the main
entrance.  Many specials. Come early for more selection.


Tad Cup in California, USA.  2017.

                    TAD-CUP-2013.jpg (231482 bytes)   

Tad Cup in Taiwan, Nov. 2017

Tad Cup China, in City of Shanghai, Dec. 2017

                    Tad-cup-China-2012.jpg (73211 bytes)  

New Custom Cues

We introduce a new line of hand crafted custom cues, the JC Cues
We guarantee these are the best custom cues at the price. We have a few models at On Sale Price Now


Mezz Break Cue  -
KAI, and Mezz Exceed Custom Cues Mezz chalk arrived 

American Made Custom Cues

Just receive some nice custom cues from Tonkin Cues, McWorter CuesRC3 Cues 
Gilbert Cues
, Nitti Cues, Barnhart Cues, and Josey Cues, some of them are fancy cues worth to collect.

Jacoby custom cues many in stock, including break cues and jump cues 

Segen Cues  are available, beautiful cues. 

Check out the Joss handmade sharp point cues, made by Dan and Steve

The Michael Cues
  &  The Sima Cues.     
These are some LOW Price, Nice American Hand Made custom cues.


Same Price: Kaiser Cues with OB-1 shaft,  or Tiger shaft. 

Panther cues, with OB shaft, as low as $280, great buy

Wizard Cue Tip, 11 layers laminated tip, as good as the Moori tip and other top brands, but price much lower. More and more cue makers and players use this tip now. You try one and you know how good it is! guarantee the best tip in the market for the price.
Warning: we see copy version of our Wizard tip and sold cheap in the market. please make sure you order the original Wizard tip from a J&J dealer.

Black Wizard cue tips
         JA651BW.jpg (143119 bytes)

Rhino leather Jump and Break tip
Qualified to play in any game

Jump and break cues installed with Rhino leather break tip

Tad Cues, Tad Cue Cases and Tad Cue Tips are exclusively distributed by us in the USA

Mezz Cues, Check out our new Mezz cue models, the new Mika Immonen MI-3 model, and the NEW Power Break cues with Deep Impact shaft
Many Mezz cues in stock!

New Arrive

Panther Special Edition Cues , cues with engraving and pearl inlays

A new line of quality cues, Rhino Cues
and the Rhino Jump Cue
at unbelievable low price

Panther Jump & Break cue with High-Tech Grip, G-10 cue tip, the best jump and break cue in the price range.

Pro Cue Cases with Wheels  

Pro Cue Cases with Stand & Wheels  

 Cues: Tad Cues  Cognoscenti Cues 

New design Tooled Leather Cue Cases & Instroke Cases

Many New Schon LTD & Elite cues 

New Joss Custom cues available

We make a lot of New Designs Kaiser Cues

New Falcon Cues, all are onsale now.

J&J Combo cue - one cue for all, break, play, jump..........

We keep adding more high quality American custom cues. Please check our website later

Used Custom Cues 
These are some fine used custom cues at huge discount price. At this time we have  Josswest cues, Jacoby cue, AC & Sima cues

Moori Cue Tip, genuine, from Japan,
Sale Price $11 each, limited quantity in stock. Email us for dealer price

Zan cue tips, Kamui cue tips, G2 Tip & Navigator Tips are in stock. Contact us for special dealer price



Some of the Custom Cues We Sell

Gina Cue                                                                 Tad Cue

RC3 Cue                                                               McWorter Cue

Tonkin Cue                                                           Cognoscenti Cue

Gilbert Cue                                                           AC Cue

Josey Cue                                                            Espiritu Cue

Barnhart Cue


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