Mezz Power Break Cues & Jump Cue
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Most of the Mezz cues at our website are in our stock ready to ship. When we list a Mezz cue, we stock it*

Key Benefits

  • Designed and made by Mezz Cues in Japan.
  • Buy with confidence: All of our Mezz cues are brand new & directly from Mezz Cues in Japan, not from another dealer.
  • Bonus: Free deluxe joint protector and Free pro cue case per request, when you buy any of the Mezz cues at online price. Limited time only. 

Click on the picture for an enlarge cue picture

When you are a J&J dealer, Email us for dealer price for any Mezz cue

Power Break G Cue with ignite shaft

Model # PBGW-H    Power Break G no wrap     
Retail Price: $860,  Please email us for stock and dealer price.
May have small quantity in stock

Model # PBGG-H    Power Break G sport grip wrap
Retail Price: $920,  Please email us for stock and dealer price.
May have small quantity in stock

Power Break Cue KAI


KAI break cue without wrap

Model # PBKW-K                                                Model # PBKW-P
Retail Price $500,                                                 Retail Price $500,   

Model # PBKW-T                                                 Model # PBKW-R
Retail Price $500,                                                  Retail Price $500,   

Model # PBKW-A                                                
Retail Price $500, 

KAI break cue with Grip wrap

Model # PBKG-K                                                 Model # PBKG-P
Retail Price $550,                                                  Retail Price $550,    

Model # PBKG-T                                                  Model # PBKG-R
Retail Price $550,                                                  Retail Price $550,    

Model # PBKG-A                                                
Retail Price $550,   

Power Break II Cues


  Model # PB2-A/DI2                                                 Model # PB2-K/DI2
  Retail Price $530,                                                    Retail Price $530,  

  Model # PB2-R/DI2                                                 Model # PB2-T/DI2
  Retail Price $530,                                                   Retail Price $530,  

  Model # PB2-P/DI2                                                 
  Retail Price $530,            

Airshooter Jump Cue


Model # AS-K
Retail Price $190,   sold out

Airdrive 2 Jump Cue 


Model # AD2-K,   
Retail Price $510,   

Airdrive Jump Cue with Dart Stroke


Model # AD-K
,   Black color, with dart stroke
Retail Price $320,   Sold out
Model # AD-T
,   Brown color, with dart stroke
Retail Price $320,   

Dual Force Break & Jump Cue


Click for  Enlarge   Butt 
Model # DF-K/LE     Dual Force break & jump cue, Leather wrap                                 
Retail Price $590,   

Model # DFW-K     Dual Force break & jump cue, no wrap                                 
Retail Price $540,   

Break Shaft

Model # XS/MZ-DI2    Mezz Deep Impact (DI2) Break shaft
Retail Price $279,  

Model # XS/MZ-DIP    Mezz Deep Impact Pro ( DIP) Break shaft
Retail Price $344,   


To add a Mezz shaft to the cue, please see the Mezz Shafts page. We will give extra discount when order a second shaft with a Mezz cue.

Stock & price are subjected to change. Discount available on certain condition. Email us for detail.
*Free cue case style and value vary.

We only ship Mezz cues in the USA.