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Vincitore  Leatherette Cue Cases

Key Benefits

  • Best cue cases at this price range 
  • Lined rigid tubes, or satin-lined dividers inside
  • Very strong leatherette cue cases with soft inner to protect your prize cues
  • All cue cases come with shoulder strap & nice handle







top to bottom. Click on the case for a clear picture

Item No. Description Suggest Retail Price Online Price
CT24 2 butts 4 shafts, leatherette hard shell, black, Inside view $155 $125
CT242     sold out
CT242BB     sold out
CT242GB     sold out
CT242YC     sold out
C24P 2 butts 4 shafts,  black with embroidery $140 $110
C24P-4 2 butts 4 shafts,  brown with embroidery $140 $110
C24P-5 2 butts 4 shafts,  burgundy with embroidery $140 $110
C24B 2 butts 4 shafts,  black with embroidery 
Inside view
$200 $160
C24B-4 2 butts 4 shafts,  brown with embroidery,  
Inside view
  regular online price $160,  on sale now
$200 $140
CT36 3 butts 6 shafts, satin divider, black leatherette $175 $140


Price and color are subject to change. Color of the stock cases may be slightly different from the picture.
Email us for update Onsale price for any cues or cue cases