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Key Benefits

  • Strong, durable, light-weight, convenient box cases.
  • Individually separation between butt and shaft, with finest soft interiors to protect your valuable cues. 
  • All  box cue cases come with  handle
  • Unbeatable value. 



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Item No. Description Suggest Retail Price Online Price
H11 1 butt, 1 shaft, black $30 $25
H11C-41 1 butt, 1 shaft, wood grain, light brown $25 sold out
H11B 1 butt, 1 shaft, crocodile print, black/black   sold out
H11B-4 1 butt, 1 shaft, crocodile print, black/brown   sold out
H11A 1 butt, 1 shaft, black, aluminum trim   sold out
H11A-1 1 butt, 1 shaft, silver, aluminum trim,   sold out