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Item No. Description Online Price
K601 NIC "FELICE" billiard glove. Color: black, blue, dark blue,  burgundy, or Pink  $9
JA825 Magnetic chalk holder, without chalk $4
JA825L* Magnetic chalk holder, without chalk, with belt clipper $4
JI828 Retractable chalk holder, heavy duty wire $11
JI828C Economy Retractable chalk holder, heavy duty wire $8
JA829  Pocket Chalker, color in black, blue, or purple, and more $9
JA829T  Economy Pocket Chalker, color in black,  $6
JA808 Bridge head, moose type $3
JA808B Bridge head, moose type, black $3
JA809 Bridge head,  $3
JA810 Adjustable Bridge head, can adjust the height $10
JA870 Tip-Stik tip tool, chalker-perforator 15
JA871 Ultim-8 tip tool, shaper-chalker-perforator 20
JA872 Penetr-8-R 13
JA873 B.A.T. shaper, Bridge/Tapper/Aerator 20
JA874 Cube-2 sshaper 20
JA875 Shaft M-8 cue conditioning system, made in USA 11

Model # JA849
Chalk holder with tip pick tool. Handy. Good quality.
Retail price: $15  
Promotion Price: $9

Model # JI828C
Retractable chalk holder
Retail price: $13 
Promotion Price: $8

New design of Bridge Head:  
click the picture for an enlarge

Model # JA810   Adjustable bridge head, can adjust the height easy by turning
Online price: $10

Model # K601-2   NIC "FELICE" billiard glove. Pink Color
Online price: $9

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