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Item No. Description Online Price
JI101* Q-Smooth $12
JI1021 Q Slick, 2 oz. $12
JI102 Q-Clean, 1oz bottle.  $14
JI1022 Q Glide, 0.25 oz. $10
JI105 J&J Cue Protection, liquid wax, high performance  $10
JI110 Top Gun Q cleaner, come with a bottle for shaft clean, a bottle for ferrule clean, and a special clean paper $10
JI104 Q-Wax ( Karseal Cue Wax ), new package, net weight 2 oz $8
JI108 Tiger shaft smoother & burnisher $12
JI103 Finger powder bag with J&J logo $3
JI005 Q-Wiz,  Shaft Care, washable, made in USA $8
JA840 Delrin joint protector, for Magic jump & quick release cue $10
JA841-10 Delrin joint protector, for 3/8X10 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA841-11 Delrin joint protector, for 3/8X11 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA841-12 Delrin joint protector, for 3/8X12 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA842 Delrin joint protector, for 5/16X18 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA843 Delrin joint protector, for 5/16X14 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JP14 Predator joint protector, 5/16x14 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA845 Delrin joint protector, for 3/8x8 threads, 2pcs/set $10
JA852 Joint protector, plastic, for 5/16X18 threads, 2pcs/set $8
JA844DY Delrin joint protector for Rhino jump break cue $10
JA846Q Cuetec joint protecor, with Cuetec logo $10
JA8XXM Male part Joint protector for shaft. Please specify thread $5

Model # JI1012
This retail package contains one set of 12 pcs Smooth Cue Papers plus one bag of Smooth Stroke. 
Regular price $16, Special Online Price $12

*Contact us for discount price per card